In today’s business environment, most marketers and business owners are considering Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or Facebook advertising as a way to help increase brand recognition and grow their business. One problem they face is that a lot of misinformation and confusion exists as to which marketing channel is most beneficial to helping achieve the corporate goals.

Some companies use PPC along with Facebook ads to market to their audience, however, not all companies have the budget to utilize both. Since they are very different advertising mediums, here are some points to consider when choosing Facebook ads or PPC advertising.

Effectiveness at Driving Conversions Through Online Advertising

A successful online advertising campaign is the key to driving conversions for your business. Understanding how to best convert users on a particular advertising channel is how your organization can make more informed decisions on which channels would be the most effective at helping your business achieve its goals.

A PPC conversion occurs when a person takes an action with your organization’s PPC ad after using a search engine like Bing or Google. A person will use the search engine in order to do initial research or for locating follow-up information prior to making a purchase of a product or service. Once your ad is clicked, your products and/or services can be chosen and the conversion occurs.

To convert a user using PPC ads, understand the mindset of your customer in the stage of the sales process where they’re looking for your particular product or service in the search engines. Place a competitive bid on the keywords that best match the phrases that your customer base is looking for by providing a targeted ad to your audience. This ad should include a specific call-to-action for a potential customer to make. Be sure that the content of the landing page is the same found on the ad in order to create a cohesive experience for the user and to encourage a successful conversion.

A conversion from a Facebook ad occurs when someone performs an action after clicking on an ad from your Facebook ad campaign. Facebook ads help drive awareness, a purchase or the download of a resource or app from the variety of ad unit options the platform offers.

To convert a user using Facebook, you need to understand who you’re trying to reach, what their interests are, what action you’d like them to take and cater the messaging, ad unit and visuals used to the user’s preferences and typical actions on the social network. You need to remember that a person is not using Facebook as a means to do research about a product or service. They are most likely using Facebook to look at photos of their family, chat with their friends and see what their personal network is up to. By targeting the audience properly, the ad will have the impact you desire and the conversion will occur when they visit your page and then your website.

Which advertising platform will assist you in reaching your goals?

When it comes to choosing the right advertising platform for your business, match your goals with the unique feature sets of each platform.

Facebook advertising offers:

  • Deeper demographic targeting to best match ads to the interests and desires of different audiences across the sales funnel.
  • Better branding opportunities with creativity on the Facebook platform to help drive awareness for your business in the long-term.
  • A platform to run your campaigns when looking for long-term conversions and the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers since you’re interacting with them as they perform other actions on the network.
  • The ability to retarget an existing customer using messaging that directly matches their interests and shopping habits.

PPC advertising offers:

  • Contextual targeting to reach your customers more closely to the end of the sales funnel when they are actively looking for your products or services.
  • A faster return on investment since many people will convert with their first interaction with a PPC ad due to having a stronger intent to purchase.
  • Better coordination with your search engine optimization efforts to drive increased visibility for your organization and its offerings.


In the end, we feel that experimenting with a few campaigns on both platforms is the best way to determine which method works best for each customer. We have had a great deal of success with our clients using both Facebook ads and PPC advertising. Contact us today so we can set up a meeting to review your needs and end goals. Let our social media expertise grow your brand recognition and help you to meet your sales goals!