The adage “you get what you pay for” has been around for years. Unfortunately in today’s world, that is becoming a deceiving phrase. As we try to figure out which house to buy, car to drive or smart phone to use, the deals are everywhere. New home as low as $99,000, brand new car starting at $8,999, new iPhone for free*** 2 year contract required – some marketing and advertising efforts have become merely smoke and mirrors in an effort to grow business. That new home is bare minimum…. all you need to do is spend another $50K on upgrades and you will have a home worth living in. The great price on the car gets you no power windows, no a/c, no bells and whistles, but… if you will spend another $6K, you will have something worth driving comfortably. And the free phone? That deal is only for people who aren’t currently under contract with the provider, but you can have the same phone for only $399. What a deal for the years of loyalty you’ve provided as a customer!

In the business world today, it is necessary to continue to grow or you risk stagnation, which sadly leads to failure. It is important to stay as current with the newest marketing and advertising opportunities that exist. Most companies have websites to let the public know what they offer to current and potential clients. What most companies fail to realize is that both web design and online marketing have improved greatly in a short period of time and now is the time to take advantage of what this current technology has to offer. We live in a world of social media unlike anything we have ever seen before. Constant contact is a given and the ability to be seen by so many people provides the kind of exposure that has not been achievable before. In order to get the most out of this exposure, the initial investment will be worth it as long as you make the right choice in partnering with a company who makes your success as important as their own.

Still many people think that the lowest price is the best option when in actuality that is definitely not the case. We all have family and friends in every part of the working world. Mechanics, contractors, doctors, lawyers, business executives and all other facets of blue-collar and white-collar industries. At one point or another, we have turned to them for assistance. For the most part they are willing to help, but at their convenience and, more often than not, they are not in a hurry. We are all used to being paid for the jobs we do, so when we are helping out a buddy, that assistance becomes the last thing that concerns them because quite frankly, they are not getting the monetary reward that a paying customer provides. It is that simple, you do get what you pay for.

With that in mind, too often decision makers’ eyes fall to the bottom line. It has been proven over and again that in an effort to save money up front, it costs more on the back end. Pay for the less expensive washer, it doesn’t last nearly as long as the costlier model. The same goes for most consumer goods, it is always better to pay slightly more initially in an effort to get the best payoff in the long run.

Which brings me to this, when searching for the right company to grow your brand and develop your business, don’t look at the bottom line, but at the best way to partner with a company who will keep your bottom line their priority while bringing you the desired results. Look for the one who has a proven track record, not your neighbor’s buddy or your cousin’s “good friend”. Lots of people will offer you assistance, at SSMCreative we make you the priority because we absolutely understand that it really does come down to “YOU getting what you pay for”!