It’s an old adage – Cheap, Fast and Good – pick two. For years I’ve heard that over and over again in reference to automobiles, specifically hot rods. The phrase implies that if you want to go Fast, be prepared to spend money or to be stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow – reliability (Good) doesn’t come Cheap and neither does speed.

So who cares and why are we talking cars?  You just want a website and with all the various free blog/website management and image editing software floating around the old interweb, it’s easy to have a Cheap, Fast and Good website done by you, for you…

Ever try to assemble something without the instructions? I’m willing to bet it either took much longer than initially planned or resulted in an unintended, never-before-seen creation that would be better served being banished to the depths of the Atlantic. I once tried to teach myself how to weld on an old car in my parents garage. After I had completely put out the fire, I accepted that perhaps someone with more experience should finish the “welding” I had “started”.  Similarly (or not), a good website starts with an understanding of what the end result should represent AND how to get there. I had an idea of what the finished welding project should’ve looked like, though overlooking the fact that I had no proper knowledge of how to weld could’ve cost my parents their house. Your website is your brand, visible to the world.  A visitor may only give you one attempt at peaking their interest.  Are you sure your wholesale plumbing customers really want to see a picture of you holding Rex your Maltese? Building an e-commerce site? Mishandled transactions could cost your customers their identity.

Sure, a reputable firm will charge you money for their expertise which may negate the “Cheap” part, but the money spent up-front will be used to identify your goals, target audience, marketing strategy, brand and supporting site design and functionality. A proper planning phase allows for better (the “Good” part) brand development and specifies all facets of your website (making programming your site “Fast”). The “Good” and “Fast” will gain new customers, keep existing ones and provide a pleasant, secure, easy-to-manage environment. So, what can’t we weld for you?