If only it were true. Ask any developer you know about IE6 and you will get a host of facial expressions, hand gestures and words that I can’t use here. There is nothing more frustrating than developing an incredible website that’s working on all browsers and then testing it on IE6. Anyone who tests on IE6 goes through the same (or a very similar) cycle of emotions….

You paste the URL in IE6 and hit return. As it’s loading, you close your eyes and cross your fingers (and maybe toes). Once you feel like you’ve waited long enough, you open your eyes just to find that the page hasn’t quite fully loaded yet. You close your eyes and cross your fingers again. This time you count to 25 and open them again. The site has loaded, but the header image is in your content well or the drop down menus aren’t working or the list goes on and on. You may say a few “inappropriate for work” words, threaten that you will throw your computer through the window or in some rare cases, put your head in your hands and weep. You then spend the next 3 hours tweaking the code. Finally when you refresh, the site looks okay. Just okay ~ never the same as the site on any of the other browsers. You shrug your shoulders and send it on to the client.

If the public would upgrade their Internet Explorer to anything higher than 6, maybe Microsoft would be kind enough to kill IE6 while it sleeps. By continuing to use IE6, you only encourage them to keep it around. It haunts developers worldwide, waking them up at night. If IE6 were gone, the world would be a happier place where developers could whistle while they work, maybe even throw up some jazz hands when a project is completed knowing that they don’t have to battle the evil IE6.

Please for the betterment of the online world, STOP USING IE6!!!