Let’s take a look at the new Maker’s Mark campaign. Some of the commercials are OK and I can appreciate them. However, they seem to miss the mark. I’m guessing that they’re trying to target a younger demographic. That’s fine, but it just feels like someone listened to bad advice.

“It is what it isn’t”

That’s the tagline and that’s the main thing that makes me feel like they’re going for a younger demographic. Here’s my problem – if you have a great bourbon, your brand is that great bourbon. It’s handcrafted, delicious and more expensive than a lot of the regular bourbons (although not as expensive as some others). That tagline makes it feel cheap and discardable, which it’s not.


The brand is so distinctive and always has been. You know that Maker’s Mark signifies high quality. Why would you dilute that by associating it with all of the things that it isn’t? Take a look at the video below. It’s like you’re taking your favorite uncle and putting him in a lot of uncomfortable situations that don’t come off as funny, they just come off as forced.