As posted here, QR codes are taking off big time in all sorts of marketing and other endeavors. They are not, however, taking off as quickly with the general public. A lot of the people that I talk to don’t know what one is and certainly don’t get what they’re for. There are a couple of issues at play here, but one huge issue is that, in general, the marketing strategies that we’ve seen haven’t been all the worthwhile. If you’re going to get adoption of something like QR codes, it’s going to have to start to be used in places like museums, malls and hospitals. By making them USEFUL first and then making them fun, we’re going to get a much higher rate of adoption. So, here’s a call to all of those places where there are “You Are Here” signs. Start using QR codes rather than kiosks and give people maps right on their phones. It’s not difficult and you’ll save that much more on kiosks and space!